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Limelight provides a robust platform for an over-the-top (OTT) video gardening channel


A video platform that was easy learn and had detailed analytics


The Limelight Orchestrate™ Video Service

OTT Provider HortusTV Offers Hundreds of Gardening Videos to an Underserved Market

HortusTV is the brainchild of Liza Drozdov, an avid gardener and seasoned video production professional. She noticed a decline in quality gardening programs on television and decided to launch her own over-the-top (OTT) video gardening channel to fill that void. HortusTV launched in August 2015 and is currently available to audiences in Canada, with plans to expand to the United States in 2016.

HortusTV's Challenge

In addition to the funding challenges that every startup company faces, HortusTV’s small team needed a video platform that was easy learn and had detailed analytics to determine the content that was best received by customers.


“As we build our content library and scale our channel, we need a platform that is easy to use, and we need to know who is watching what. That information needs to be transparent to our content partners,” says Drozdov.

“I needed a robust platform that could handle the capacity that I anticipate, with the best features and security, and Limelight is the service that my developer recommended. We researched several options and chose Limelight.”

LIZA DROZDOV, President of HortusTV

HortusTV’s Solution: The Limelight Orchestrate™ Video Service

With Limelight, Hortus has experienced the following business benefits:

Multi-Device Media Distribution (MMD)

HortusTV can easily provide its viewers the ability to watch gardening programs on any internet-enabled device.


Limelight security features provide HortusTV with the peace of mind that their content is protected to the highest degree to mitigate theft and copyright infringement.

Scalable Solution

Limelight provides a solution that can expand with HortusTV, as they move into new markets around the world.

Ease of Implementation

HortusTV’s small staff spent less than a month implementing the Limelight Video product to launch their OTT video channel.

Detailed Analytics

Limelight’s analytics and reporting features allow HortusTV to gauge the popularity of certain titles and use that data to determine future content partnerships and programming.

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